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"Grüner Man" Laurenz Maria in a personal interview in 2014 about the creation of FOUR:

"FOUR is a very personal project. Three years ago, we, the three 'Grüner Men' Dieter, Franz and myself, started to think about what we could do on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of LAURENZ V. Lifely debating was followed by the decision to put 'our' Grüner, a very special 2011 vintage, into the great T5 barriques of Taransaud.

This was exciting because not everything went like clockwork in the beginning - not every Grüner tolerates this kind of wood. It has to be a very special mix of old vines, minerality, extract and acidity.

The outcome is quite impressive and reconfirmed our belief that Grüner is one of the top wine grapes of the world!

This project is so personal to me since we took up the idea my father and I brought along from Napa Valley in 1979: Michael Mondavi’s father Robert had let us in on the philosophy of his fumé blancs.

My father Laurenz IV immediately took this up and produced Austria’s first barrique Grüner: a sensational dry late harvest with only 12 percent alcohol, undrinkable after the – admittedly – heavy new barrique Bonanza, and becoming cult five years later. Today, this 1979 Grüner is a sensational Grüner and a prime example for good development and longevity."




FOUR is a limited Grüner by LAURENZ V. available from March 23, 2014 on.
Please enjoy it responsibly - either now or keep it in your cellar for the next 30 years. Regardless of which decision you take, we are sure you will experience sheer drinking pleasure.