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In 2004, Laurenz Maria Moser V., descendant of the famous Austrian Lenz Moser wine family dedicated himself wholly to Grüner Veltliner with the support of two partners by presenting his first Grüner.

Today in 2014, ten years later, seven examples are made each year:
Forbidden Sunny – Singing – Friendly – Silver Bullet – Charming Grüner Four


Laurenz Maria's partner, Franz Schweiger, a trained accountant and economics expert takes responsibility for the financial end of things while Dieter Hübler takes care of marketing and distribution and Laurenz Maria concentrates on the vineyard and vinification.

The enthusiasm for Grüner Veltliner and the knowledge and experience in winemaking for more than 400 years resulted in a new international style of Grüner Veltliner: subtle spice, elegant acidity, vibrant and playful on the palate and flattering on the finish.
In other words, LAURENZ V. did not create a Veltliner of extremes, but of elegance and charm.

The grapes for our Grüners are sourced from trusted growers in KamptalKremstal and the Weinviertel.

Laurenz Maria Moser V. inherited his knowledge from his grandfather, the legendary "Grandpa Grüner", Professor Dr. Lorenz Moser III., who invented and developed the ubiquitous Austrian trellising system called the "Lenz Moser Hocherziehung", which revolutionized vineyard cultivation right across Europe.

His advice to his grandson was: "Concentrate on the important tasks in life and do them well. The art of good Grüner Veltliner is to cultivate perfect grapes and simply not ruin them in the cellar!"


It is LAURENZ V.'s vision to support the variety on its way to well-deserved international repute.

LAURENZ V. exports to 45 countries around the world and one can enjoy CharmingSilver Bullet and Friendly, Singing and Sunny Grüner, as well as  the fruity Forbidden and the icon Grüner Four from Los Angeles to London, Dublin to Dubai, Sydney to Shanghai and New York to Oslo to name just a few.


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