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Around the world, consumers and producers - and especially Austrian vintners - are reveling in the red wine boom. But LAURENZ V. is completely convinced that the future lies with white wine. For sure, the future of the winery does! That is why LAURENZ V. and its followers count on white wine only.

Today's red wine euphoria was inspired by a broadcast made 12 years ago on the CBS television network's "Sixty Minutes" program in the USA. Not only America, but the entire world was caught by red wine fever. But in the meantime, another trend has been developing. Now we see a strong demand for refreshing, fruit-driven white wines such as Grüner Veltliner from Austria and Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa. Anyone who follows consumer trends over long periods knows that cycles change every 15 years. And so, we are now at the threshold of the next white wine boom.

What does LAURENZ V. mean?

Behind this name are several centuries of history and experience of a wine family from the Austrian state of Niederösterreich, or Lower Austria. But there is also the personal passion and business know-how of three wine lovers, plus an international network of importers, buyers, sommeliers and gourmets, as well as the best connections to wine producers in Lower Austria. In other words, these are the ideal prerequisites for an international success story with Austrian roots.

The Essentials of LAURENZ V.

  • Stands for the fifth generation of the Laurenz (Lenz) Moser Family - in the wine business since 1124
  • Prof. Dr. Lenz Moser III invented modern canopy management - trellising system - in the early 30s of last century with Gruner as the ideal grape variety
  • Laurenz V. is the only producer who concentrates entirely on Grüner Veltliner - Laurenz V. = only Gruner!
  • Mission - helping to build Gruner into a citizen of the fine wine world - "Hunting for White Wine Lovers"